Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Case For An Nduom Presidency Is Indeed Compelling

One doubts very much whether there is any  discerning Ghanaian citizen alive today - who is a patriot and nationalist who actually cares about the future of this country - who does not feel that there is  a compelling  case for an  Nduom presidency.

The current political system, in which political parties focus exclusively on sharing the spoils of office, and dispensing patronage when they win power, ignores Ghanaian society's real needs, and fails to protect the national interest when it matters most.

To elect either of the two candidates representing the two constituent political parties making up the corruption-riddled NDC/NPP duopoly - that currently dominate our system - in this December's presidential election, will be to put the future of our country at risk.

Let us be brutally frank: Those two main political parties that have governed Ghana since the confounded 4th Republic came into being, are structured to sell Mother Ghana short - both when in power as ruling parties and whiles in the political wildernes as main opposition parties - in order to fund their activities.

And their long-term strategies for winning power, when in the political wilderness, is for the extremists in their midst to divide ordinary Ghanaians, and actively sabotage the nation-building effort, through slash-and-burn-politricks:  of the Kokofu-football-politricks kind.

Unfortunately, the plain truth, is that for financial reasons, both the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), and  the biggest opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), are beholden to the selfsame vested interests sucking the very lifeblood out of  Mother Ghana, through egregious high-level corruption.

That is why an Nduom presidency will be a fresh-start-opportunity for  the enterprise Ghana: He neither needs money from vested interests to fund his political party's election campaigns and day-to-day operations, nor fund his individual needs and that of his extended family clan. To which one says: Thank God for small mercies. Hallelujah. And, Amen.

If Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom is elected president, it will mean that for the very first time since the 4th Republic came into being, we will have a visionary and incorruptible leader, who actually understands clearly - from a practical standpoint - why Ghanaian entrepreneurs ought  to be assisted to seize the commanding heights of our national economy, by  using the purchasing power of the Ghanaian nation-state to achieve that goal.

An honest businessman, who pays all his taxes, and creates substantial wealth that remains in Ghana - instead of flowing out of the country into secret offshore bank accounts - and also provides thousands of well-paid jobs for young people in a very difficult economic climate (a Byzantine system not withstanding), is the perfect leader for our nation, at this critical juncture of its history.

A man  of unquestioned integrity,  who operates a business empire that is underperpinned by corporate good governance principles, Nduom wants to give back to society - by leading a government of national unity to move the nation forward.

He plans to do so, by  harnessing the talents of the most honest of Ghana's brightest and best minds - regardless of their political affiliations - to help transform Ghana into an African equivalent of the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia.

For such a noble and patriotic reason alone,  Nduom most certainly deserves to lead our homeland  Ghana as its next president - to be sworn into office on 7th January, 2017: after a surprise Trump-like win in this December's presidential election.

The case for an Nduom presidency after the December presidential election is indeed compelling: As a creator of wealth and jobs he is peerless. None of those vying for the presidency has a track record that comes anywhere close to that of Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom's legacy (as a  dynamic businessman succeeding in an environment many flounder in).

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