Friday, 4 November 2016

The Brains Behind The Attempt To Plant Improvised Explosive Devices In Kumasi Must Be Apprehended Quickly

The botched attempt to blow up targets, in part of a residential area in Kumasi, where a building said to be serving as a national security communications hub, is located, is a serious and disturbing development.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing. Under no circumstances must the investigators allow those behind this monstrous and abominable attempt to terrorise Ghanaians, to get away with  what, had their plan succeeded, would have been an unspeakable, unpardonable and barbaric crime.

Above all, one hopes that it will not be turned into a political football by irresponsible politicians, unethical journalists and conscienceless media entities, which place mercenary-partisanship above unalloyed patriotism.

This is a matter that calls for patriotism not partisanship - for it involves the safety of the Republic: which ought to be a matter of concern to every responsible Ghanaian citizen.

And the indiscriminate nature of terrorist attacks, make all of us potential victims of the unhinged cowards, who seek to impose their will on whole societies, through acts of terrorism.

That is why there should be no hiding place for terrorists in Ghana. They pose an existential threat to our democracy, and to the long-term future of our  vibrant and liberal African society.

Naturally, at this stage of the investigations, it is not certain which particular building (or buildings) in the area, those who made and tried to plant what are said to be improvised explosive devices (IED), were actually targeting.

To enable them quickly unravel and apprehend the brains behind this outrage, it is vital that those handling the investigations, collaborate with all our external allies, in the fight against global terrorism.

There are secret  military satellite images of the area - that can clearly show the faces of the two suspects who fled the area on a motorbike when approached by police officers -  that can help identify them,  in existence.

(Incidentally, they can also rely on the UK's privately-owned Air and Space Evidence Limited for same - for an expenditure in fees of a few hundred pounds sterling.)

To obtain those secret  military satelitte images, it is up to the regional authorities in the Ashanti Region, to get our military high command to approach their US, UK, French, Russian and Chinese counterparts.

That can be done through our defence and foreign ministers approaching their  opposite numbers in those nations.

At all costs, those behind this dangerous new development, must be apprehended, investigated, tried and given lengthy prison sentences, with hard labour as an additional sentencing option.

They must not be allowed to get away with attempting to terrorise our homeland Ghana, and cause panic and fear amongst its gentle and peace-loving people. We rest our case.

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