Sunday, 12 February 2017

Ghana @60 Planning Committee: A Food-For-Thought Idea For Abu Jinapor & Co?

Apparently, a deputy chief of staff at the presidency, Mr. Abu Jinapor - who is a member of a sub-committee of the Ghana@60 national planning committee (the legacy projects sub-committee if I remember correctly) - is enamoured with a suggestion from a young man who is a member of the public.

That young man is said to  have suggested that some of the funding for the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, should  come from the GHc20 million earmarked by the government for the 60th Independence Day anniversary celebrations. Fair enough.

However, for the information of Mr. Abu Jinapor & Co,  there are a number of creative ways to fund  even a new fully-equipped ultra-modern psychiatric hospital for Accra - to be built on a greenfield site possibly  around  Prampram or Afienya.

The prime funding method for a new psychiatric hospital for Accra  would be to sell the land today's Accra Psychiatric Hospital is sited on. That land is one of the most valuable parcels of urban land available anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

If its marketing is pitched to Silicon Valley-type tech entities, could it not be bought  by companies like Facebook for example  - to build its new African headquarters campus buildings on? Possibly.

Perhaps a batter deal swap-idea could also be put to Facebook - in which it takes possession of that land  in exchange for its health-focused charitable foundation building and equipping a brand new 1000 bed ultra-modern psychiatric hospital for Accra, complete with a housing estate for medical professionals and  their support support staff, on a greenfield site in the Greater Accra Region.

It could also be sold in an international  auction in which sealed  bids for its purchase  are invited from developers around the globe. If that method is used,  enough money to build a brand new psychiatric hospital will be raised, to replace the present one that is in such a deplorable state.

And many companies in Ghana's financial services sector would also be willing to help the Ghana Psychiatric Health Service to invest any surplus monies left over from the land deal  - after the completion of the building and equipping of the  new Accra Psychiayric Hospital - in mutual funds:  interest from which  part of the funding for patients' upkeep will be provided.

Food for thought  for Abu Jinapor & Co perhaps?
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