Saturday, 25 February 2017

Give Ghana@60 Maths and Science Scholarships To Students Opting To Study In Tertiary Institutions In Ghana

Sometimes it is pretty hard to hide one's contempt for our nation's political class. Why do so many of them seldom think topical issues through thoroughly before making pronouncements on them publicly?

What are stakeholder consultations for - if not to ensure good and sensible policy implementation outcomes that will redound to Ghanaian society's overall  benefit, I ask?

As we speak, the Western world  is in the grip of an epidemic of Nazi-era-type, egregious racism - spread by a wave of far-right populist sentiment: that is seeing an upsurge in hate crimes against people of colour in nations such as the U.S., France, the UK, and Holland.

And into this hostile and poisonous social environment, some of the geniuses who now govern  our country are proposing to send 600 young people to study maths and science, on Ghana@60 government scholarships. Incredible.

The question is: How sustainable is  this barely-thought-through idiocy?

Do we not already have hundreds of financially-challenged Ghanaian students on government scholarships overseas - virtually all of whom over the years sundry governments of the day have been  unable to regularly provide adequately for, financially?

So why do some geniuses in  the new Akufo-Addo administration want to add to the numbers of impecunious Ghanaians on government scholarships currently suffering abroad - in nations that have suddenly been transformed into seething cauldrons of racial hatred fueled  by newly-empowered racists and fascists?

The Laud Commey-led events and media sub-committee of the national planning committee of the Ghana@60 Indendence Day anniversary celebrations must shelve the daft and dangerous  idea of sending yet more  daughters and sons of hapless  Ghanaian families to suffer needlessly overseas immediately.

Are those 600 young people not in effect being sent away to unwelcoming foreign lands in which they are going to suffer daily humiliations - that at times could end in violent confrontations with fascists and racists that might  ultimately result in some of their number being maimed,  if they are lucky,  and, worst, being murdered in cold blood?

It will be far more beneficial to all concerned to place those young people in some of the many tertiary institutions spread across Ghana - and offer them scholarships to study science and maths in Ghanaian universities, instead.

After 60 tumultous and challenging years of independence, surely, our nation's  ruling elites need to stop this unpatriotic fetish for hankering after all things foreign?  Ebeei, enti mu endwin kakraa empoh, anaa? Haaba.

Humankind has entered an age of renewed racism in the West resulting from the ascendancy of  far-right Donald Trump-type of leaders. That is the new reality today's Africans must  confront when thinking of venturing abroad to study courses available at home in Ghana's many tertiary institutions.

That is why if it wants to offer scholarships to bright young Ghanaians to study maths and science, Laud Commey's events and media sub-committee, of the national planning committee of the Ghana@60 Independence Day anniversary celebrations, would be wise  to offer its proposed  scholarships to the 600 young people it will select from across the country, to study in tertiary institutions in Ghana instead.

It will not only be foolish, but also extremely unwise to  send those selected 600 brilliant young Ghanaians overseas to be descriminated against by vile, brutish and rabid-racists who - to add insult to injury - are more often than not  mostly poorly-educated on top of their arrogant narrow-mindedness  too. We rest our case.
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