Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Ghana Police Service Must Disband The NPP's So-Called "Invincible Forces" Militia Immediately

Politicians are such a complex lot. President Akufo-Addo was swept to power on a wave of indignation against the Mahama administration amongst apolitical middle-class  Ghanaians.

Yet, incredibly, it appears that the selfsame political party that the  president leads - which benefited from that indignation felt by middle-class Ghanaians that resulted in their political opponents losing power - has not learnt any lessons from the defeat of their National Democratic Congress (NDC) opponents in the 2016 elections.

Alas, by the time  last December's elections came round, the main gripe amongst those apolitical and fair-minded middle class Ghanaians was that their country  had fallen into the hands of a corrupt regime led by their fellow middle-class citizens, who had become so removed from reality that they were even prepared to lobby to obtain presidential pardons for three amoral and arrogant ruling party extremists, the Montie 3, jailed for threatening judges on the airwaves of an FM radio station. It was the last straw for many of them.

Today, a former Attorney General in the Kufuor regime, the Honourable Ayikoi Otoo, a decent gentleman who never refused an interview request from the media when he was trying to get the Supreme Court to reverse the outcome of the 2012 presidential election on behalf of the New Patriotic Party (NPP),  maintains an odd silence and refers media professionals seeking answers from him over the  'missing' 200 government-owned vehicles to: "The appointing authority." How strange.

The question is: Is it not his own party the NPP that is now in power? What exactly is he afraid of - such that he is not prepared to even  comment on work that a sub-committee he headed did for his party's transition team?  Why the deafening silence from him  over such a contentious  issue? Perchance, is he also scared of the Invincible Forces - as many in the NPP are said to be? Wonders. Where exactly are we headed for?

Oddly, as we speak, the presidency knows fully well that NPP thugs - the so-called "Invincible Forces" who are members of a private militia in all but name - apparently led  by a super-ruthless ex-cop and  thug, Mumuni Jabil,  drove  away as many as 14  new Toyota Landcruisers from the pool of vehicles at the Flagstaff House not too long after the NPP regime took over power. Amazing.

The question there is: What exactly drives the acting head of communications at the presidency,  Eugene Arhin, to dissemble, so, when addressing  this matter?

Has he not learnt anything from the Animal-Farm-like spinning of the Stan Dogbes during the Mahama presidency - whose casualness with the truth finally led to the fall of their hard-of-hearing regime: when millions of disenchanted voters turfed out their government from power  in last December's elections?

That genius Eugene Arhin and his smug, smart-Alec too-clever-by-half colleagues at the presidency must always  remember that old wise Ghanaian saying: "No condition is permanent!"  Middle-class Ghanaians now resent being lied to by those they elect into power to govern their country. Let the Eugene Arhins get that in the wet cotton wool  between the deaf ears that adorn  their thick heads.

The question is: As we speak, what other vehicles and sundry government properties have the Invincible Forces also  taken unlawful possession of, thus far? Where precisely  are we headed for in today's Ghana, I ask? Hmm,  Oman Ghana - enti yewieya paa enei? Ayeasem o - asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

President Akufo-Addo must not allow a situation to develop in which the  selfsame fair-minded and apolitical middle-class Ghanaians who helped him  to come power, become disenchanted with his regime and find it intolerable  that their country has now fallen again into the hands of fellow middle-class citizens, who are too scared to stop their homeland Ghana from coming under the jackboots of amoral, semi-literate and illiterate lawless-thugs, apparently determined to amass wealth in the shortest possible time at Mother Ghana's expense - and who are said to have began their looting spree by stealing as many as 14 new Toyota Landcruisers from the presidency. 

If the Invincible Forces are also now assaulting even uniformed police officers assigned to the presidency, then the acting Inspector General of  Police,  the acting heads  of the three armed services, and the acting Chief of the Defence Staff, must act in unison to make sure that henceforth members of the so-called Invincible Forces militia  are kept away from all government installations, especially the Flagstaff House - and, above all, insist that it is disbanded by the NPP's leadership  immediately: because the 1992 Constitution frowns on private militias in the Republic of Ghana.

The loyalty of the heads of the security agencies must always be to the Republic of Ghana, the sovereign people of Ghana,  and to the 1992 Constitution - not to the "Appointing authority." So they must not be derilect in their duties in this matter in the slightest.

Are they going to remain aloof and look on unconcerned  as such abominable barbarities occur - and wait till the NDC's own thugs are organised to fight back in skirmishes across the country in which innocent people are maimed and killed before taking action? Surely not?

That is why they must demand that the NPP's leaders  disband the Invincible Forces and take action themselves to  ban it forthwith. Ghana is not a banana republic - and we are a civilised and peace-loving people. The Republic of Ghana has not been conquered by the Invincible Forces - so they must not be allowed to roam through our country acting as if they are a conquering army. They are not. Period. Haaba.

It is the reason many discerning and independent-minded Ghanaians are demanding that the so-called Invincible Forces should  be forcibly disbanded if need be - and that that is done swiftly: for they did not vote President Akufo-Addo into power for their nation to be held to ransom  by semiliterate and illiterate bush-thugs employed by self-seeking and hypocritical politicians as gangster-enforcers. No. Definitely not.

Finally, it is in President Akuo-Addo's own personal interest, and the nation's long-term best interest, that the so-called Invincible Forces militia  is banned immediately and disbanded - lest in an age of global terrorism it morphes into a Frankenstein monster that  no one can control and which  holds our country to ransom:  whiles routinely brutalising  ordinary people in what is supposed to be a democracy in which the rule of law prevails. Enough is enough. Mother Ghana deserves better. Full stop.

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