Thursday, 2 February 2017

Will Parliament End Up Expelling Kennedy Adjapong - And Declare His Seat Vacant?

''I am almost frightened out of my seven senses."
                 - Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

The extraordinary charade currently going on in Ghana's  Parliament illustrates perfectly the deviousness and hypocritical nature of our vampire-elites.

For years, laws that are clearly inimical to our nation, have consistently been passed by successive Parliaments since the 4th Republic came into being - with some even being railroaded through Parliament under certificates of urgency. Amazing.

The shameful fraud known as the sale and purchase agreement for the Volta Aluminium Company Limited (VALCO) - in which a nonexistent company, International Aluminum Partners, said to be a joint venture between Brazil's VALE and the Norwegian company, Norske Hydro, was railroaded through Parliament during the Kufour era - is a classic example of the passage of laws benefitting a powerful and greedy few at Mother Ghana's expense.

Was it not today's selfsame sanctimonious Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu who coordinated that attempt to swindle our country as Majority Leader of that particular Parliament, I ask?

And even as we speak, is this Parliament too not busy tampering with the laws governing District Assemblies - merely to enable presidents to quickly  rid the assemblies of assemblymen and women when regime-change occurs, for obvious reasons: to ensure that the new ruling party's members control assemblies throughout the country completely?

Why add to the president's already awesome powers yet further? How does that benefit our democracy that is already under siege by wealthy and super-ruthless crooks? Incredible.

Yet, this shameful Machiavellian-maneuvre by a new administration  to rid the assemblies of members deemed to belong to the party that has just lost power after presidential and parliamentary  elections, is being carried out at the behest of a political party that says it believes in democracy and pluralism - and which promised to change Ghana for the better when campaigning for power. Disgraceful. Utterly.

Such egregious chicanery  is called hypocrisy by decent folk. It seems to escape our vampire-elites that it was the same disdain for the truth and contempt for ordinary people by the elites of the  ancient regimes of the Arab world - whiles subsuming the national interest in the quest for personal-advacement-at-public-expense and seeking party-advantage even when it was ruining their nations - that led to the Arab Spring. Hmm...

The question is: Why are our leaders abusing the intelligence of ordinary Ghanaians - when it is an open secret in Parliament itself that Kennedy Adjapong was apparently the busybody who tried to bribe MP's from the Minority who sit on  the Appointments Committee, in order to induce them to approve the nomination of the Hon Boakye Agyarko by the president as energy minister: when Agyarko is a well-bred gentleman who would never dream of doing anything as unethical and stupid as attempting to bribe MPs vetting him?

If the rumours swirling around the House are true, then we must find out precisely why Parliament is so afraid of Kennedy Adjapong that  instead of directly confronting him about the rumour (that he tried to bribe his fellow MPs), that fear Parliament seems to have of him should warrant the charade of instituting a whole enquiry into the bribery allegation: and wasting scarce public funds to do so too.

And whiles we are at it let us also ponder why the chairperson of that  confounded committee, the Hon Joe Osei-Owusu, also claimed at one stage that the Hon Mahama Ayariga had retracted the bribery allegation he made openly - when Ayariga had done no such thing. Who misinformed the committee's chairperson so? Or did he also make that one up himself?

Why is the leadership of  Parliament putting our nation through this unnecessary crisis? Do they not see the hardship so many ordinary Ghanaians are suffering in their daily lives - and empathise with them at all?

And to add insult to injury, the vast majority of MPs are aware that Anas Amereyaw has a television documentary exposing corruption in Parliament under wraps, awaiting the appropriate time to release it into the public domain. Will the leadership of Parliament set up a committee to investigate that too in the hope of cobbling together a cover-up - and bury their thick heads in that quick-sand too  hoping it disappears for that reason?

Let our vampire-elites be honest for once. The question is: At the end of Parliament's  so-called enquiry into the #Vettingate scandal, will Kennedy Adjapong be expelled from the House for bringing the name of Parliament into disrepute - and will he be expelled permanently and his Assin Central constituency seat declared  vacant?

And if that happens, will Parliament then hand over the matter  to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service to investigate and prosecute Kennedy Adjapong for attempting to bribe some members of the Appointments Committee?

Enough is enough. No one is above the law in Ghana. Let Parliament ponder over this question:  Are there not many ordinary people languishing in our nation's overcrowded and disease-filled prisons serving sentences for bribery offences?

''Who born, dog?'' To use an apt pidgin English phrase much-beloved of former President Rawlings. Yen ye enkwadaa, o. Ena yen engimii ye, o. Hmm...
O, Oman Ghana - enti yewieye paa enei? Asem kesie ebe ba debi ankasa.
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