Sunday, 23 July 2017

Is There A Case Against Ghana's Electoral Commissioner Mrs. Charlotte Osei Warranting Her Impeachment?

Is there really a case against Mrs. Charlotte Osei, the chairperson of Ghana's Electoral  Commission (EC), warranting her impeachment?

One doubts it very much.

However, we will all have to wait for the conclusion of all the investigations needed to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the allegations made by those who have petitioned President Akufo-Addo asking him to get  the Chief Justice to trigger the processes needed to impeach Mrs. Osei.

This blog is certain that in the fullness of time, many fair-minded and independent-minded Ghanaians - who are genuinely committed to the democratic system of government - will come to see the futile attempt to impeach Mrs. Osei as a blessing in disguise for the EC, as an independent institution under the 1992 Constitution, and for Mrs. Osei personally, as a lucky professional whose star-quality destiny ended up permitting to catch the eye of President Mahama's administration, which then  appointed her to become Ghana's first female chairperson of the EC, when the position became vacant during its period in power.

There  are some who insist that it is the fact that she was appointed by the Mahama administration that really is the main reason why there is such determination on the part of a few powerful people in the Ghanaian political world to manipulate the system to enable them destroy  her reputation - with the help of a number of dishonest and self-seeking EC insiders with hidden agendas of their own - and thus enable them successfully rid themselves of Mrs Charlotte Osei as Ghans's Electoral Commissioner.

All those self-important, loud and scheming Machiavellian-types behind the grand scheme to destroy Charlotte Osei will fail in the end they seek in this matter. The irony in all this is that had it been the New Patriotic Party (NPP) regime of President Kufuor that  appointed her, instead of President Mahama's administration, none of this nonsense-on-bamboo-stilts would be occuring.

The attempt to impeach Mrs. Osei is a classic example of the lengths to which dishonest individuals at the top echelons of organisations and institutions in Ghana's  public sector - who see their positions as opportunities to enrich themselves at society's expense - will go to undermine those of their colleagues who happen to be men and women of integrity.

They are the sly and selfish hypocrites destroying or country with their egregious greed and unpardonable dishonesty. Their hidden agendas are - to quote a pidgin English phrase of infamy  once used by Labanese crook bleeding Mother Ghana dry: " to chop Ghana small!" Alas, they have met their match in Charlotte Osei - a brave and courageous woman who values her integrity and will always fight to protect her good name. Bully for her.

This blog wishes her well - and we are praying that she exposes and defeats all those shameless people seeking to ruin her good name unjustly and thereby get her removed from her position. Time will tell. We are pretty sure that the many slanderous allegations made against her are nothing but twisted facts and patent falsehoods. Simply put, there is no case against Mrs. Charlotte Osei, whatsoever.  Full stop.
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