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Charlotte Goldfried: About Counselling For Life and Career Counselling

“The past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.” - Marilyn Ferguson

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Career Counselling
About Counselling For Life

Charlotte Goldfried owns and operates Counselling For Life, a practice devoted to assisting clients in moving forward in their lives. 

“I initially became interested in career counseling during my work as a teacher for adults who had been injured on the job and could not return to the work that they had previously done.   During this period, I noticed that my children were considering various career pathways.  Some of their career choices were realistic; many were not. I wanted to gain a greater understanding of how youth make their decisions about careers and how I could best support my children as they worked their way  through this process. So, I returned to university and completed a Masters degree in counselling.   

Since then, I have developed programs and worked with people at all stages along the career continuum, including executives, front-line workers, and individuals in a wide variety of careers across a broad spectrum of industries. I have also created programs and worked with adolescents to help them select careers or find employment. Along the way, I developed programs and worked with professional hockey players and Canadian Olympians. 

My work as a coach involves assisting, supporting and guiding individuals as they make changes in their lives. With over fifteen years experience, I feel comfortable saying that no matter your age, or situation, I am confident that I can provide you with the help and guidance you need to achieve a positive result. Whether you are considering a career change, deciding on what career to go into, worried about your resume, thinking about retirement, or wanting to improve personal or work-related skills, you can count on me to provide you with a customized program, helpful advice, insight and support throughout the process.”

Charlotte holds an Honours B.A. in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education, a Masters in Counselling and a Law degree.  As well, she has Life Coaching and English as a Second Language Certification.

Rachael Roter is the intake co-ordinator at Coun@2selling For Life.  She works closely with Charlotte to support clients as they transition. She brings a strong sense of commitment to all that she does; she is professional, warm and approachable.
Counselling For Life

Benefits of our Career Exploration and Career Planning Program

    Teens and young adults who have already made a career decision are able to confirm or disconfirm their choice, by giving thorough consideration to all of the important variables.
    Teens and young adults who have not made a career decision, are guided and supported through a thorough program that enables them to make an informed career decision and plan.
    Parents feel confident that their children have had an opportunity to make the career choice that is most suitable for them

Career Counselling For Teens and Young Adults

Guiding and supporting young people throughout the career exploration and planning process.

The Four Steps of our Career Exploration and Career Planning Programme

1. Self Discovery

Taking stock of who they are permits young people to make informed choices.  Teens and young people are encouraged by their career counsellor to consider many factors such as: 

    What they are able to do or can learn to do (skills, strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes). Sometimes this involves various types of assessments.
    What they like to do (their interests)
    Who they are (their personalities)
    What is important to them (their values)
    Understanding their learning style (auditory, kinesthetic, visual)

2. Generating Options:

Once they have gained a good understanding of themselves, the next step involves examining career profiles so that they can generate a list of potential occupations, for consideration.

3. Researching Options

This step involves learning everything possible about the occupations on their list and may involve any or all of the following actions:

 •   volunteering in an environment where the work they are considering is performed
•    job shadowing (following someone at work for a day or more, so that they can observe the person performing the work)
•    conducting informational interviews (speaking to one or more people to gather information about different vocations)
•    exploring different educational pathways (reviewing various school calendars, speaking to program co-ordinators, visiting schools)
•    investigating labour market trends, to ensure that the type of work being considered has a future
•    reviewing career profiles in greater detail to learn as much as possible about the type of work being considered
•    researching wage guides, so that they have an understanding of the income that they can expect to earn in the future

4. Making a Decision and Creating an Action Plan

The next step involves making an informed decision and a back-up decision.  Teens and young adults decisions are based on everything they have learned as a result of self discovery and their research about various types of work. Finally, their career counsellor will help them create an action plan which maps out the steps required to help and support them on their career pathway (applying to various learning institutions*, attending school, volunteer work and summer work).

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