Sunday, 30 July 2017

Should Nduom And The PPP Start Bridge-Building To Form A Credible One-Nation Third Force To Replace The Divisive NPP/NDC Duopoly?

It is now obvious that despite the fact that the vast majority of Ghanaians (including yours truly) are praying hard for President Akufo-Addo to succeed, there are dark forces in his party that are also working assiduously from the shadows to thwart him.

The insertion of the pernicious  Clause 3, Sub-Clause 4, in the Office of the Special Public Prosecutor Bill, 2017, and its subsequent withdrawal for relaying yet again before Parliament, shows what the president is up against in his fight against  high-level corruption.

And, worst of all, listening to the rabid and nauseating partisanship of the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) cheeky John Boadus, verbally-aggressive and uncouth  Kennedy Adjapongs and the loud and ever-boastful  Bernard Antwi Boasiakos - as opposed to the one-nation, visionary and disciplined leadership of President Akufo-Addo - it is hard not to weep for Mother Ghana.

Having now succeeded in coming into government and consolidating their hold on power, the small but powerful group of mean-spirited hardliners and extremists in the NPP,  no longer bother to hide their Machiavellian  divide-and-rule strategy to enable them dominate our homeland Ghana, for what some of them doubtless hope will be many years to come. Some dream. Some hope.

Thus, as we speak, they are busy laying the foundation to enable them manipulate our byzantine system and control sundry public institutions one step removed by stealth for the benefit of the NPP and its most favoured members. And it is being done through the  distribution of patronage  using pork-barrel politricks to create wealth for a select and lucky few who they hope will fund the party going forward - and ensure that their party stays in power for many years  to come.

That  is what the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) substandard fuel scandal and the cancellation of sundry road contracts were about.

A key building block to that future domination of Ghana's political landscape is the removal from office of strong-willed and independent-minded public-sector officeholders such  Mrs. Charlotte Osei - whose crime is that she was appointed as the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) by the regime of the NPP's bitterest political rivals, the National National Democratic Congress (NDC) regime of former President John Dramani Mahama.

One hopes that those fair-minded Ghanaians who understand that their  nation can never really move forward and rid itself of high-level corruption - if the cynicism and extreme partisanship of the shameless John Boadus  and Freddie Blays (who prior to the December 2016 polls were  adamant that no NPP member would publicly publish his or her assets) will be the guiding ethos underpinning the ruling party's years in power - will now see clearly  the need for them to mobilise and form a coalition of one-nation Ghanaians for whom the cohesion of our country and the creation of a land of opportunity for all who are willing and able to work hard to transform Ghanaian society actually matters.

One-nation Ghanaians must take back their country from the NPP/NDC duopoly. That is what the Progressive People's Party (PPP) should work hard at to bring about before 2020 - not waste its energies dreaming of forming a government on its own some day through ballot box victories  of its candidates in presidential and parliamentary elections: a ridiculous and impossible dream.

Ghana needs a credible third force led by honest, disciplined and world-class  one-nation Ghanaians for whom promoting and protecting the national interest at all material times (whiles working hard to ensure national unity instead of  scheming for personal rent-seeking opportunities and party advantage) are important factors in the successful transformation of Ghana into an egaliterian society that is an African equivalent of the just and fair societies of Scandinavia.

Having learnt their lesson now because their hoped-for-victory alluded them (because they failed to heed the advice of some of us to focus on building a one-nation  coalition as a third force during the election campaign for the 2016 polls), one hopes that in light of the cynicism and mean-spiritedness now being displayed so openly and brashly by the John Boadus, for the sake of our benighted  country the PPP's Nduom & Co will get a move on and work towards achieving that noble end of building a new one-nation coalition,  as a new and focused  third-force in our nation's politics. Now. Not tomorrow.

They must begin building that coalition of one-nation Ghanaians by  reaching out to activist groups such  OccupyGhana, and world-class individuals such as Dr. Doug Heward-Mills and Dr. Patrick Awuah (to name a few), whose impressive individual  track records mark them out as capable nation builders who can help unite and transform our nation into a truly prosperous society for the benefit of all Ghanaians - not just a powerful few with greedy ambitions (to paraphrase ex-President Nkrumah).

For the sake of our younger generations, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom and the PPP must start bridge-building to form a one-nation third-force coalition to rid Mother Ghana of the divisive NPP/NDC duopoly in 2020. Now. Today. Not tomorrow. Haaba.

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