Monday, 30 July 2018

Global Shea Alliance: Women Shea Collectors Start Paddy Rice Enterprises

Global Shea Alliance
Women Shea Collectors Start Paddy Rice Enterprises    

After the last shea season, members from the Suhuyini Shea Cooperative in Northern Ghana initiated “sinkafa kogriba” (rice processing) by using their shea profits to purchase rice, water, aluminum pots, firewood, and milling fee rental. 30 women processed a total of 120 bags of paddy rice and earned 27,600 GHC (approximately 6,000 USD) in revenue. The additional income was used to meet household needs and reinvest into their local village savings and loans association.

Jemila Masahudu, a member of the cooperative said “working with the cooperative has brought joy and happiness to my life. I do not struggle to process the rice by myself because we divide the work so we can finish faster and produce a lot of rice.”

Women shea collectors and processors often undertake additional income generating activities such as grain farming, cashew and groundnut processing, and soap making. GSA sustainability partners support the cooperatives by providing shea business development trainings that are then applied to other enterprises.

Through public private partnerships, the GSA is implementing community development projects including warehouse construction, business development trainings, health and safety initiatives, parkland management, improved planting materials, and conservation projects. To learn more, contact GSA Sustainability Director Wunmi Osholake.
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