Saturday, 18 March 2017

Era Of The Baba Kamaras Is Over - The NDC's Future Lies With The Ezenator Rawlings-Type Of Servant-Leaders

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) definitely needs a new crop of servant-leader types to lead it into the future.

Alas, nothing else will do - for the party faces an existential crisis that many of those who now lead it are blissfully unaware of.

That is why Former president Mahama would be wise  to heed the advice of those of his family members who want him to quit active politics.

In the long-term it is sound advice that is actually in his best interest politically.

Former U.S. President Carter - who also served one term and was widely derided at the end of his term in office by many American citizens - ought to be his role model.

Today, former President Carter, is one of the world's most revered elder statesmen - admired universally for his global humanitarian work.

Former President Mahama could play a similar role in Africa too. He is uniquely qualified to do so.

Paradoxically, his perceived shortcomings as a leader - chief amongst which was his being too nice to fire wrong-doers in his regime -  will stand him in good stead as a negotiator bringing peace to areas of conflict in the continent.

The NDC lost power essentially because by polling day last year, the vast majority of ordinary Ghanaians felt that it had been in power long enough - after  eight continuous years in government: and that the country therefore needed a new crop of leaders.

Allegations of the looting of campaign funds by some party functionaries now being reported in sections of the Ghanaian media, only serve to confirm the  suspicions of most ordinary people across Ghana that corruption had become widespread in the NDC.

Worst of all, is the astonishing allegation by the former NDC MP for Salaga South, Hon Alhaji Ibrahim Dey Abubakar,  that the contract for the new official residence for Ghana's vice-president being built by Consar Limited,  was  inflated by as much as U.S.$8 million by the former national security advisor to President Mahama, Alhaji Baba Kamara. Incredible.

That singular act of unfathomable greed and egregious impunity, if true, encapsulates perfectly, all that was wrong with the NDC by the end of its tenure in government on polling day, last December.

Clearly, the NDC will have to be rebuilt anew as a mass party that stands for the interests of grassroots people across Ghana.

All those who were in charge of the party during the 2016 election campaign will have to be forced to step down from their positions. They would be better off  retiring from active politics after that.

A completely new crop of leaders - who are altruistic,  idealistic, principled, selfless  and incorruptible - is what the NDC needs to take it forward into the future: if it is ever to return to power again.

Symbolically, and in a very real sense,  the era of the Baba Kamaras in our nation's politics, is truly over for good. The future belongs to servant-leaders such as Zenator Rawlings. Thank goodness.

In light of that, when the time comes to select new party executives, the NDC's card-bearing members would be wise to embrace leaders in  her mould - if they want their largely-discredited party to be a successful political force again in our nation's politics.

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