Sunday, 26 March 2017

Why President Akufo-Addo Must Ensure That The Delta Force's Kwadwo Bamba & Co Are Prosecuted And Jailed

There can be no doubt that President Akufo-Addo and a majority of his ministers have come to serve Ghana - and that they are even prepared to make personal sacrifices to help transform our nation into a prosperous society, if need be.

Whiles the above might be the case,  we must never forget that at the same time the New Patriotic Party (NPP) also harbours self-seeking criminals like the so-called Delta Force's Kumasi branch's Kwadwo Bamba.

Clearly,  Kwadwo Bamba and his ilk think that because the NPP is now in power, Ghana has become their personal fiefdom  and plaything - and that somehow they are above the law: and can therefore break the law with impunity anytime they want.

Many of these characters are in politics because it provides a perfect cover for their criminal activities.

The question is: How, for example, do we know that as we speak  some of the over 200 government vehicles said to be missing might not actually be in the possession of such rogues - who might even have already dismantled them to sell as spare parts?

The Ghana Police Service must not rule that possibility out as they investigate his background. Those vehicles are worth more dismantled for sale as spare parts to individuals involved in organised crime.

The hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service must take immediate steps to disband all the private militias operated by powerful individuals in many of the political parties in Ghana - which are cloaked as private security companies but are private militias in all but name - by withdrawing their operating licenses They pose a real threat to Ghana's security.

Ghana belongs to all its citizens and no Ghanaian sent to work in any of the 10 regions of our country by the president of the republic is a 'stranger' anywhere in our homeland Ghana.

And, after all, is this not a unitary African nation-state blessed with a tolerant and mostly  peace-loving multi-ethnic population - with a shared common destiny who are united by blood ties and by inter-ethnic marriages - and in which virtually all extended family clans consist of family members from different ethnic backgrounds, I ask?

We must never forget that it is greedy and selfish characters such as  the Kwadwo Bambas - protected by powerful people at the top of society - who eventually  morph into warlords and terrorists to destroy nations in the continent governed by complacent African leaders who take the peace and  security of the nations they rule for granted.

President Akufo-Addo must make sure that that never happens during his tenure as Ghana's leader.

That is why he must personally ensure that  Kwadwo Bamba & Co are prosecuted and jailed for their unspeakable and unpardonable crimes at the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council's office building  in Kumasi.

Not only did they seek to defy President Akufo-Addo  personally, by assaulting his choice for the position of regional security coordinator, Mr. George Adjei, but they also brought shame on his adminstration by unlawfully destroying government property  - and on top of all that egregious criminality they have also soiled the positive image our country enjoys around the world.

They belong in jail in a nation in which the rule of law prevails -  that is also lucky to  have a system underpinned by due process: in a continent in which that is a blessing and a real boon for ordinary people. We must not allow the Kwadwo Bambas in our midst to terrorise our country and destroy our democracy in the process. Ever. Period.
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