Monday, 27 March 2017

What Females In Ghana Choose To Wear Should Not Be Used To Justify Their Being Defiled Or Raped - Because Ours Is A Free And Liberal Society

It is hard to fathom why some individuals in Ghanaian society seek to blame female victims of defilement and rape for their suffering and predicament - by saying that their dress sense might have provoked their being sexually assaulted by vile males. Incredible.

Women in Ghana - be they very young, middle-aged or above 60 - have a right to dress to please themselves without others passing judgement on their dress sense.

And the idea that females (of all ages) choosing to wear short or revealing clothes are somehow inviting men to assault them sexually must not be countenanced in this country.

It is an unfortunate notion for any decent individual to hold - and it can never justify the defilement or rape of any female in Ghana. Ever.

Ghanaians are a civilized people - and ours is a free and liberal society.

That is why responsible politicians should not seek to impose their ideas of what is appropriate dressing on any Ghanaian citizen - because that is an infringement of their right to happiness: which includes the freedom to dress to please themselves.

Above all, females in Ghana, like their male countrymen,  have an inalienable right to their dignity.

That is why women here  should be able to choose to wear whatever pleases them without that being used to criticise them when they end up being sexually assaulted - at precisely the point when they need justice and  consoling the most.

Because we live in a free and open society, the point needs to be constantly made that what females in Ghana choose to wear is up to them alone - just as is the case for all males in  this country.

Finally, let no one be in doubt: In 21st century Africa, what women here choose to wear is their own business - and it should never be used to justify their being defiled or raped by brutish, irresponsible, indisciplined and lawless males, whenever  that egregious crime aganist humanity occurs.  Period. Haaba.

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