Tuesday, 14 March 2017

MobilCause Webinar: "Facebook Live Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits."

Today we are posting an email invitation from Lindsey Newman of MobileCause (Lindsey Newman<gomobile@a.mobilecause.net>) for non-profits to participate in  a webinar MobileCause  is holding tomorrow, 15th March, 2017.

Participating in the webinar, will  enable participants to learn how to utilise Facebook Live for fundraising.

Please read on:

"Dear Colleague,

Imagine if your organizations social followers were captivated the moment you launched a fundraising campaign. Facebook Live does just that—and more—posing a huge opportunity for NPO's of all types. So why are nonprofits afraid of using Facebook Live? From what I hear: they don't know how, they don't have time, or they've tried and it fell flat.

No matter your level of experience with Facebook Live, I urge you to join our webinar tomorrow Wednesday March 15th at 11 AM PST: "Facebook Live Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits."

You'll learn everything you need to know from industry experts John Haydon, Michelle White Hart, and Jeremy Koenig who'll show you proven best practices for incorporating Facebook Live into your next fundraising campaign from start to finish.

Webinar: Facebook Live Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

Date: Wednesday, March 15th, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM-12:15 PM PDT

Register Now: Click here

Can't make the date? Register above and we'll send the video recording.

Facebook Live is poised to be the next big thing in charitable events, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to learn from our team of experts.

More than 2000 orgs have already registered. Attendance is limited. Sign up today!

Lindsey Newman
Senior Copywriter & Social Media Expert"

End of MobileCause's Lindsey  Newman's email webinar invitation.
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