Sunday, 9 July 2017

Ban The Use Of All Carcinogenic Agrochemicals In Ghana Now!

Farming without carcinogenic agrochemicals is vital - for public health reasons - and must be encouraged in Ghana.

That is why organisations such as GhanaVeg and Food Sovereignty Ghana deserve to be commended for promoting organic farming in Ghana.

Indeed, the demand for organic agricultural produce has grown in leaps and bounds, right across the globe.

Alas, if those in charge of Ghana's cocoa sector continue to serve the interests of the mafiosi that imports and distributes agrochemicals, instead of meeting the healthy-lifestyle-needs of the rest of the planet Earth's consumers of cocoa products, such as chocolate, it will destroy Ghana's cocoa industry as sure as day follows night - in the not too distant future.

With the greatest respect, for the information of the ministerial team in charge of food and agricultre in our country, Ghanaians are definitely deserving of eating organically grown fruits and vegetables - instead of being forced to eat fruits and vegetables full of pesticide residue.

It is said that health is wealth. If we want to have a healthy population, as a wise people, should we not permanently ban the use of agrochemicals in Ghana? Ebeeii. Hmm, Oman Ghana - eyeasem o. Enti yeweiye paa enei?

Finally, because there are suitable and better natural substitutes,  a complete ban of agrochemicals is feasible in Ghana, today, as we speak - and desirable from the viewpoint of consumers.The question is:  Are the powers that be not aware that natural alternatives - such as the folair fertilisers and growth-enhancers made by BioDeposit that have dramatically increased yields of coffee farmers in Rwanda and elsewhere in East Africa - are available right here in Ghana, too? Haaba.

Such a ban on the use of  synthetic agrochemicals would make a great deal of sense to the health-conscious Ghanaians  who are currently  reluctantly eating  fruits and vegetables with pesticide residue on them, because of the dearth of organic agricultural produce in Ghana.

To protect the health of all Ghanaians, and secure the future of the all-important cocoa-farming sector, let us ban the use of all carcinogenic agrochemicals  in our homeland Ghana, and promote the use of natural substitutes instead.
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