Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Could Retro-Fitting Anti-Collision Systems On Post-2000 Manufactured Vehicles End The Carnage On Ghana's Roads?

Ghana's sporting world has been in some turmoil and experienced considerable sadness too, lately.

It has  suffered double tragedies - one being the painful death and final laying to rest of a well-respected sports journalist, and two deaths caused by a road accident in which the great Kumasi Asante Kotoko soccer club's bus rammed into the rear of a heavily-laden Kia Rhino truck.

The burial of the erudite and likeable sports journalist, Mr. Christopher Opoku, took place last Saturday. Christopher is said to have succumed to cancer. This blog shares the loss and pain of his family - to whom our thoughts and prayers go out to.

Although one did not know him personally, soft-spoken Christopher always came across as a decent and fair-minded  media professional, who obviously enjoyed the work he did - and which he had such talent for - whenever he appeared  on television sports discussion programmes. May his soul rest in peace.

One's thoughts and prayers are also with the family, friends and colleagues of Mr. Thomas Kofi Asare - the only fatal casualty amongst those affected by the tragic accident who were passengers on the Kumasi-bound bus of leading Ghanaian soccer club, Kumasi Asante Kotoko, that fateful night last Wednesday.

He was the team's assistant kit manager apparently. May his soul rest in peace.

One also commiserate's with the family and friends of the driver's assistant of the Kia Rhino truck - into the rear of which the Kotoko bus reportedly rammed.  May he rest in peace too. It is unfortunate that thus far his name has not been revealed by the media - to honour his memory and as a sign of respect to his family and  friends.

The question is: To lower the rate at which vehicular collisions occur on  our nationwide road network, has the time not now come for vehicle owners in Ghana to be assisted to retrofit collision-avoidance technology systems on their cars, trucks and other motorised forms of transport, one wonders? Food for thought.

To alert the most fleet-footed and capable Ghanaian entrepreneurs, of what clearly is a business opportunity that will help reduce the carnage on our roads, this blog is posting a page from the website of  leading U.S.-based collision-avoidance systems retrofitting products provider, Safe Drive Systems (SDS).

Please read on:

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BBB Accredited Business
Safe Drive System’s RD-140 Radar System is solely an alert system, which does not take any actions to change vehicle dynamics to avoid a collision, not a substitute for active driver involvement. The driver must remain aware of traffic conditions and be prepared to use brakes to avoid collisions.
1 According to NTSB; 2 According to NHTSA; 3 According to the AASHTO

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