Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The People Of Ghana Stand With Patriotic Brits And Great Britian

Yesterday the evil cowards who use terrorist attacks  to murder innocent people globally struck yet again.

This time their victims were part of the young audience attending a pop concert by the American  singer Ariana Grande (aka Ariana Grande-Butera) at the Manchester Arena in the British city of the same name.

Twenty-two people are reported  to have been killed including the suicide bomber. Fity-nine people were apparently injured too.

Words fail one in describing the sadness normal people eveywhere feel when incidents of such unspeakable and unpardonable acts of violence against innocent people occur anywhere in the world.

Having lived in the UK for decades, speaking personally, one feels particularly sad because one's children and grandchildren live in the UK.

And, above all, one is an ardent supporter of England's cricket and rugby teams.

One can therefore imagine the trauma, emotional turmoil and heartache the families  of the twenty-two  or so young people who so tragically lost their lives,  as well as the injured and hospitalised fifty-nine victims must be going through, even as we speak.

Naturally, one's thoughts and prayers are focused on the victims, both dead and surviving; and their families and friends in particular, at this painful and tragic moment.

Many in Ghana undoubtedly also share the pain and sadness felt by the valiant British people at this point in time.

Brits are a people from a friendly nation that is a  longstanding ally of Ghana's whose unyielding and unbending will has always made them an unconquerable nation.

As a people, because of their indomitable collective spirit, they will never be conquered by evil and cowardly terror groups. Ever. Life will definitely go on as usual in Britain - as it should in all such instances.

Regardless of the mayhem they cause around the globe, humankind will never be cowed into submission by the unhinged cowards who plant bombs and murder innocents indiscriminately, around the world. Never.

We in Ghana stand with all patriotic Brits and Great Britain herself at this tragic and painful moment in UK's modern history.
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