Sunday, 21 May 2017

Would Ghanaians Not Be Better Off Replacing The Corrupt 4th Republic With A 5th Republic Underpinned By A New Constitution?

One has mulled over the arrogant and capricious manner in which the so-called 'transfer' of Dr. Anthony Anaba has been handled by hamfisted officialdom these last few days.

Apparently, Dr. Anaba, the embattled medical director in charge of the Greater Accra regional hospital at Ridge, is now refusing  to budge  - and threatening to sue his highhanded superiors. Bully for him.

Hopefully, the law courts will then teach the minister of health a lesson in servant-leadership that all the members of our nation's hard-of-hearing political class will learn useful lessons from too.

Ebeei, Ghana empaninfuo - eyaa mu dru esuruaa munye ahubrasie kakraa. Haaba.

The question is: Why sould we continue to put up with a corrupt duopoly forever making square-pegs-in-round-holes-appointments whenever in power - because the public-sector is seen as an area of our national life that  is a plentiful and rich hunting ground for cushy sinecures  for pork-barrel-appointments by a mostly greedy, cynical and corrupt political class full of politricks?

What our country actually needs, instead of being in the grip of the corrupt constituent parties in the NPP/NDC duopoly,  is a green coalition to successfuly transform our nation into a united African society that is a modern and progressive meritocracy - in which responsible citizens from diverse backgrounds share a common destiny and work hard together to make Mother Ghana prosperous.

To become a green and fairer society, our homeland Ghana needs transformational leaders such as Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom - typical self-made, middle-class Ghanaians of the old school: hardworking;  principled; sincere; patriotic and God-fearing nationalists in the Nkrumah-mould - to govern it.

Unfortunately, since the 4th Republic came into being, in 1992, the politics of our homeland Ghana have been dominated by the New Patriotic Party (NPP), and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) duopoly - the constituent parties of which harbour small but powerful cabals of greedy extremists and tribal-supremacist hardliners who crave political power but don't really believe in the tenets of multiparty democracy in the slightest.

There are many questions we must pose to the leading members of the smaller  political parties in Ghana's political firmament - who like some of us also resent the mean-spirited partisanship of the NPP/NDC duopoly that is dividing Ghanaians so: and consequently object to either of the two big parties always ending up being put in charge of the affairs of our homeland Ghana after presidential and parliamentary elections.

It is unhelpful that that is the situation of our country today. The question there is: Why do those politicians who object to the continued dominance of our nation by the NPP/NDC duopoly,  not simply form a coalition of successful nation-builders: in order to win political power and govern Ghana together?

Would our nation's politics  not benefit from such a third-force made up of a coalition of prominent and accomplished individuals and Nkrumahist political parties  - all of whom have solid track-records of personal accomplishments in various fields of human endeavour that mark them out as  truly world-class individuals - coming together to win power to govern the Republic of Ghana?

Would such individuals - who are ernest and sincere  in their  desire to move Ghana away from its present career path as an unjust society  into one that is a greener, fairer, more efficient and productive country, with a  well-managed national economy - not liable to be leaders who will be more likely to succeed in eventually transforming  our homeland Ghana into an  African equivalent of the egalitarian societies of Scandinavia after 8 years in power, I ask?

One hopes that as a result of the unguarded utterances and foolish antics of the extremist elements in the NPP - in their doomed attempts to justify the continued existence of private militias in their party - it must  now have become pretty  obvious to many decent-minded and fair-minded Ghanaians that there are indeed inherent dangers to our nation's democratic system when political parties and prominent politicians dally with violence-prone criminal-types.

Those myrmidon-types naturally gravitate towards private militias (cloaked as private security companies owned by wealthy and powerful politicians) such as the Invincible Forces and Delta Force of infamy - because it provides them with the impunity they seek to enable them engage in criminal activities and get away with it time and time again.

The wealthy and extremist politicians who  recruit them,  do so for the sole purpose of using them as cannon fodder: local enforcers and shock troops to enable them fight their way to power successfully if need be  - and consolidate their hold on power in the event of disputed elections followed by a breakdown  in law and order that leads to chaos across the nation.

The question there is: Now that Ghanaians  are a  free people living in a functioning democracy of sorts, why do independent-minded patriots in the country  not join those of us who have over the years  consistently argued in favour of bringing an end to the corruption-riddled 4th Republic lawfully  as an election campaign platform plank and replacing it with a new 5th Republic, to help turn that bold vision into reality together?

Surely, from the abhorent behaviour being put up by the extremist elements in the NPP since it came to power on 7th January, 2017, such patriotic individuals in the smaller parties must have also come to the conclusion that as a people Ghanaians would be definitely better off with a radical third-force in our nation's politics?

Above all, as a free people, would Ghanaians not write a far better Consitution than that of 1992 - one that takes into account all the faults that have emerged so clearly, thus far, to all of us, since the 1992 Constitution was promulgated?

There is absolutely no point  in merely tinkering with with a document tailor-made to enable military despots to successfully morph into civilian rulers, and remain protected for life for their treasonable overthrow of a democratically elected civilian regime in entrenched clauses, is there?

Some of us have become weary of a political class reliant on  pork-barrel-politricks - that entails the  distribution of  important public-sector positions like confetti to cynical and partisan individuals lacking moral compasses and casual with the truth such the John Owusu Afriyies and the Freddie Blays.

Ghanaians will definitely be much better off replacing the corruption-riddled 4th Republic lawfully with a new, more democratic and fairer 5th Republic underpinned by a new Constitution. Enough is enough. Haaba.

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