Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Whatever Their Politics The Republic Of Ghana Belongs To All Its Citizens - Each Of Whom Has An Equal Stake In Their Country

Have some of those at the presidency suddenly forgotten that it was the arrogance and high-handedness of a number of individuals in the inner circle of President Mahama that eventually cost him the presidency?

Or is it the case that those genuises at the presidency have gone quite mad? Whatever his faults, nothing can justify the sudden dismissal of Dr. Anthony Anaba, the medical director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, without due process.

The high-handed manner in which Dr. Anaba was dismissed speaks volumes about the intolerant nature of some of those  in the inner circle of President Akufo-Addo. Their arrogance  is breathtaking - and extremely foolish.

In case they forget, those genuises at the presidency who appear to have now become power-drunk, ought to  remember that this is a democracy, not a military dictatorship.

Surprising though it might be for some Ghana is a nation in which the rule of law actually prevails.

Let those pride-filled, hard-of-hearing folk at the presidency remember that. Always. And no condition is permanent either. Let them ask their previously-smug predecessors who are now humble and respectful to confirm that for them.

Their egregious actions are bound to hurt President Akufo-Addo politically at some point - just as the arrogance of the Stan Dogbes harmed President Mahama politically in the end and cost him the presidency.

In our democratic system, there are limits placed on the powers of the executive branch of government. That is precisely why they cannot act with impunity and get away with it. Alas, that is what the Mahama-era Stan Dogbes forgot.

Dr. Anaba's sudden dismissal  illustrates perfectly the intolerance and arrogance that could eventually derail the presidency of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

With respect, if he is wise, the president would act to clip the wings of the tin gods that are mushrooming at  the presidency - amongst whose many transgressions is ignoring due process in the dismissal of public servants.

This blog's humble advice to Dr. Anaba is that he should head straight for the law courts and sue the government for unlawful dismissal - and demand millions in compensation.

That way a marker would have been laid down - and all those geniuses who conspired to sack him can be prosecuted in future for causing financial loss to Mother Ghana.

If the cynics amongst us are to be believed,  Dr. Anaba has been sacked so he can be replaced with one of the medical doctors who masterminded some of the strikes by medical doctors during the Mahama era - as a reward.

If true, that would be intolerable - and shameful. The question is: Is this not a nation in which due process exists and the rule of law prevails?

The New Party Party (NPP) has not conquered Ghana in a war - for its obtuse hardliners  to behave as if their party is sharing the spoils of war: by sacking public servants left, right and centre, in order to replace them with NPP supporters.

The Republic of Ghana belongs to all its citizens. Let no one in this country forget that. Ever.

Those in this administration now busy sacking people from their public service jobs - and hiding behind the president's prestige and authority to do so - should never forget that all of us have an equal stake in our homeland Ghana. Enough is enough.  Haaba.
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