Thursday, 18 May 2017

Should The NPP End Its Secret Pact With The Men Of Violence In The Delta Force And Their Ilk?

During the days of impunity in the Mahama era, there existed a small cabal made up of powerful and partisan individuals, at the presidency.

Alas,  by the time the December 2016 elections took place, poor  President Mahama  had become a hostage to their  unfathonable greed and egregious abuse of power - to the extent that those arrogant individuals actually  run a parallel organisation from the shadows, which often acted in the ruling party's name publicly.

The many "spongers-for-Mahama" groups that mushroomed during the 2016 election campaign period brought in tons of cash for them - since that super-clever election campaign cash-siphoning idea was theirs.

It was that overbearing power-drunk lot that sprung into action and mounted an "NDC" public campaign  to get President Mahama to do the unthinkable - and pardon the so-called Montie 3. Unfortunately, their shortsighted foolishness boomeranged in that instance.

The campaign for the pardoning of the Montie 3, who had been sentenced to a lenient three-month jail term, for the serious crime of contempt of court, shocked and annoyed many Ghanaians.

Many were angered that a campaign to free three reckless individuals using threatening language on the airwaves of an FM radio station, clearly seeking to influence a case then  in court - by making  judges fearful of their personal safety and that of their families - was  being supported by even government ministers who should have known better.

President Mahama's subsequent pardoning of those three blockheaded hotheads - whose despicable utterances on the airwaves of Montie FM on the very day the 30th anniversary of the  brutal murder of three judges and an ex-military officer was being commemorated by the judiciary and the nation at large - caused outrage amongst even apolitical middle-class Ghanaians.

That presidential pardon freeing the Montie 3 was to galvanise that mostly fence-sitting  and well-off demographic -  for whom it was the last straw from a regime widely perceived by many  Ghanaians to be corrupt and inept in managing the national economy: on top of their many sins.

Alas,  the fate of the Mahama regime was sealed from then on - and it thus became a doomed government from the moment when middle-class Ghanaians finally got fed up with it: and decided not to continue tolerating it any longer.

Many in that strata of Ghanaian society then vowed to rid their nation of a regime in which third-rate individuals at the presidency had grown wings - and were toying with their nation's future and threatening  the individual  destinies of harworking and prosperous people and decimating their cherished SME businesses.

In effect, the pardoning of the Montie 3,  symbolised  the arrogance of power gone mad - which led to the  decision of  apolitical middle-class Ghana to end their fence-sitting days: and work towards the defeat of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

It is is therefore amazing that having ridden to power on the crest of the wave of widespread discontent against the NDC regime that swept across the nation after the pardoning of the Montie 3, the moderates in the NPP continue to tolerate the excesses and antics of the small group of powerful  hardliners in the midst of  their ruling party. Do they not realise its negative political  implications at all?

President Akufo-Addo is in the lucky position of enjoying the support of even Ghanaians who loathe the NPP (such as myself) because of the belief such Ghanaians have that a president with the political will to act to halt the destruction of the remainder of our nation's natural heritage deserves support. How lucky can a politician get, I ask?

The decent and fair-minded people in the president's inner circle must make President Akufo-Addo understand clearly that the manipulation of the justice delivery system that led to the Attorney General's Department's office in the Ashanti Region  discontinuing the prosecution of the Delta Force  members who invaded a court of law then in session and forceably freed their colleagues standing trial in Kumasi, marks a watershed moment for his presidency.

For their information it is the political equivalent of the NDC's Montie-3-pardon-moment. They remain complacent at their own peril.

President Akufo-Addo is in the process of laying the foundation for a nation that will attract  investment from around the world. The fact that  there is law and order in an emerging market, and that the judiciary is independent, are  important factors that virtually all genuine investors take into account.

Surely, the NPP 's moderates understand that key plain fact of the global business world, do they not?

That is why in the Ghana of today there can be no justification for honest, decent and principled politicians associating themselves and their ruling party with myrmidon-thugs deliberately organised to be election-time shock troops and enforcers for powerful politicians and their political parties.

If the NPP is serious about transforming Ghana into  a  prosperous society with a thriving and buoyant private-sector, it must ensure that the Delta Force and the Invincible Forces are disbanded. Immediately. Full stop.

They and and all the other violence-prone groups of similar nature in the rest of our nation's  political parties are a clear and present danger to Ghanaian democracy. No question about that stark reality.

Above all, they are an affront to common decency,  as their continued existence shows that our ruling elites share  a shameful secret with criminal types - specifically recruited to destabilise Ghana to enable political parties to resort to violence and grab power with their help in the event of disputed elections.

That is why President Akufo-Addo must finally  rid Ghana of the miasma that organised groups of thugs such as the Delta Force and the Invincible Forces represent.

As long as they continue to exist and enjoy the protection of the ruling party now in power, no fair-minded Ghanaian will believe that the NPP is genuinely committed to due process and the rule of law.

Not when they give succour to those who clearly  believe that might is right and  that the law of the jungle should and will prevail in Ghana as far as they are concerned - and that they are above the laws of our country and can get away with literally everything: including even murder and the seroius crime of assaulting and threatening judges in Ghana. Incredible.

For the sake of Mother Ghana the NPP must  end its secret pact with the men of violence who make up terror groups such as  the Delta Force, Invincible Forces and their ilk - for there can be no justification today for their continued existence. Haaba.
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