Saturday, 20 May 2017

The NPP's Spin Doctors Must Not Think That Ghanaians Are A Gullible People

It is amazing just how quickly some of those who win power in Ghana start taking Ghanaians for granted once they assume office  - and begin acting as if they think Ghanaians are a gullible lot.

What is happening in Ghana today on the law and order front is akin to a hard-to-believe scenario outlined in the synopsis of a B-movie from Ghana's dying film industry.

Who would have thought that after their condemnation of the presidential pardon granted the so-called Montie 3 during the Mahama era, spokespersons for a government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP),  would go through such verbal contortions to justify the nation-wrecking activities of the so-called Delta Force and Invincible Forces?

A film script detailing the activities of a wealthy and powerful  crook who once had a career as an illegal gold miner - using his purported provision of mining services to the gold mining sector as a cloak to cover his own illegal gold mining business - who then took to politics to shield himself from possible future prosecution, and who became a power in the country when a party he partly funded came to govern the  nation after an election, would be hard to believe.

Yet, that is precisely what is happening in our country today, and is responsible for the paradox of a conservative political party supposedly supportive of the private sector and committed to pro-business policies, humouring and tolerating a violence-prone private militia whose lawlessness is creating the impression around the world that Ghana is now a banana republic in which there is lawlessness and egregious impunity.

Unfortunately, it is an open secret that that aforementioned wealthy crook partially funded the NPP's election campaign  for the 2016 presidential election.

And it is also common knowledge that he also part funds some of the NPP's private militias - some of the members of which are today so  bold and power-drunk that they even had the temerity recently to invade the law courts to free colleagues standing trail for assaulting an appointee of the president, and are also behind a host of other cases of assault on individuals, and the destruction of government properties, across the nation.

That is why the  decent and fair-minded moderates in the New Patriotic Party (NPP), must  now take a determined stand against the few wealthy blockheaded-hardliners in their midst who neither care about the rule of law nor due process - but covert power mainly  for the many business opportunities they are aware will open up for them now it is they who hold sway in the NPP.

In light of the widespread  condemnation in Ghanaian society of the violence being perpetrated by the so-called Delta Force and Invincible Forces, and anger about  their foolish  antics, idiotic utterances and foolhardiness, if care is not taken, they will finally cross the rubicon and therby make it well nigh impossible for the NPP  to be returned to power again in 2020.

Those of us who  loathe the NPP - for its long tradition of violence, intimidation of voters and tribalism - but are now praying hard for President Akufo-Addo to succeed, because he is showing a determination and commitment to preserving what is left of our nation's natural heritage, are  worried about  the effect  on public opinion of the activities of the extremist elements in the NPP.

The NPP's moderates ought to stop being complacent about  this particular matter.

They must always remember that by polling day in December 2016,  the vast majority of Ghanaians had become so fed up with the arrogant disregard for common decency shown by some of his appointees at the presidency that even if President Mahama had succeeded in transforming Ghana into Africa's most prosperous society, his regime would still have been voted out of power.

This blog predicts that if  President Akufo-Addo does not deal effectively with that small cabal of wealthy blockheads and extremists in the NPP - whose secret agenda is to as quickly as possible get  taxpayers to ultimately shoulder  the burden of supporting members of the Delta Force and Invincible Forces and remove that burden from their own shoulders - even if he turns Ghana into a paradise on earth by polling day in November 2020,  he will also turn out to be a one-term president.

Above all, those now in government must shun the endless spin of the kind coordinated from the presidency under President Mahama.

Finally,  whenever they are tempted to resort to sophistry to try and hide the unpalatable truth about the antics of the extremist elements in their party, the Mustapha Hamids (and their ilk) must always remember that Ghanaians are not a gullible people - and that the November 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections are not that far off either.

Hmm, Oman Ghana - eyeasem o. Enti yewieye paa enei? Asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

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