Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Greenpeace: Help fight overfishing!

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Our ship, the Esperanza, is campaigning against overfishing in West African waters. After Cape Verde, Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone, we are now in Senegal, doing joint surveillance with the local fisheries authorities.

We are asking governments to unite for regional and sustainable fisheries management in West Africa. Will you join us by signing our petition ?

Indeed, in two months, we exposed a lot of wrongful fishing practices.
Together with local authorities, we carried out patrols and arrested a row of fishing vessels engaged in IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing). The vessels arrested so far have been caught using illegal nets, covering the name of the vessel, fishing in an areas they did not have a license to fish in, not having a log books and not being able to verify catches, transhipment, shark finning, unloading of catch in a place they did not have authorisation to unload in ect. Last week in Sierra Leone, we arrested three vessels in only four days.

A real Wild West situation that needs to end.

We have seen clear examples of how easy it is to find IUU in West Africa, and how urgent the need is for setting up a strong, regional management system to tackle the wild west situation taking place here. In Sierra Leone alone, nearly one million of a population of seven million depend on fish as a main part of their income and diet. Overfishing and illegal fishing are direct threats to their food security and livelihoods. If nothing is done, that will spell disaster for many West African communities.

You can end this, let your voice be heard!
ACT NOW by signing our petition.

Our oceans. Our responsibility,

Lerato and the Greenpeace team.

Lerato Tsotetsi.
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