Saturday, 13 May 2017

Why Former President Mahama Must Bow Out Of Ghanaian Politics - And Keep The Mahama Gravy-Train Permanently Mothballed

It is hard to understand  those National Democratic Congress (NDC) members who still fail to cotton on to the fact that former President Mahama will not make a suitable candidate for their party in the 2020 presidential election.

Whether a majority of voters were wrong to see the 2016 presidential election as a referendum on then President Mahama's leadership qualities, or not, the fact still remains that that was precisely what the 2016 presidential election was about for most ordinary Ghanaians.

The plain truth is that many Ghanaians felt that he was no longer a suitable leader for their nation - and that if their own personal circumstances were to improve, President Mahama and his ruling NDC regime simply had to be voted out of office.

That might be painful news to hear for most genuine and committed NDC members - but it is true nonetheless. Hankering after a lost cause will not help the NDC one bit if it is serious about returning to power again someday - for that is tantamount to burying their heads in the sand. A new and untainted leader is desperately needed by the NDC - if truth be told.

What every member of the NDC  needs to accept is that in  light of that widespread yearning for a new untainted leader for Ghana at election time last year, even if then President Mahama had succeeded in transforming Ghana into a veritable paradise on earth before the presidential and parliamentary elections, he would still have been voted out of office. Full stop. Case closed.

Those super-spongers and leeches who today miss their privileged and super-comfy seats in the first class carriages of the Mahama gravy train had better get used to the idea that as things currently stand, most of the NDC regime's crony-capitalist pals who used to fund the NDC, have come to the hard-nosed conclusion that it is a tainted brand no longer worth investing in at this particular point in time.

Ghanaian politics is a cruel blood-sport,  alas.

Paradoxically, based on the empirical evidence and facts-on-the-ground (the plethora of completed  infrastructure projects dotted across the country), there is no question that President Mahama worked tirelessly for the nation during his tenure.

Alas, despite that impressive legacy, much of Mahama's nation-building work was blithely ignored by millions of voters during last December's polls The irony there is that  in the fullness of time those selfsame Ghanaians will come to appreciate John Dramani Mahama - who will eventually become a much-loved former president.

For that reason, having done their bit for Mother Ghana, the Mahamas would be wise to bow out of local politics for good  at this stage - and focus instead on their own personal  pursuits going forward into the future.

Former President Mahama, who is widely respected  by Africa's leaders and many ordinary Africans, could  replicate  former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's good works redolving and preventing conflucts across Africa.

By coincidence Carter albedo served on term as president and was widely reviled by the end of his tenure. Yet, todasy he is respected by most Amricans and revered around the globe. President Mahama must always bear that in mind - and bide his time for that image transformation to occur him for too.

And Ibrahim Mahama could empower nation's such as Guinea and Sierra Leone to exploit their iron ore and other mineral deposits in joint-ventures. That is much better than remaining a victim to envious politicians in Ghana detertmined to throw him into jail  just for being a zillion times cleverer and more successful business-wise than they are.

Above all, the Mahama family must keep the Mahama gravy train permanently mothballed - and save themselves the huge sums they were being diddled out of by the many cash-hungry, sundry hustlers-for-Mahama-groups whose movers and shakers saw the former president and his family as easy prey and bled them dry.

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