Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Will The Confrontation Between Hon. Otiko Djaba And Bugri Naabu End In Tears For The NPP's Northern Regional Chairperson?

 It is reported that President Akufo-Addo has summoned Bugri Naabu, the northern regional chairperson of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), and Hon. Otiko Afisa Djaba, the minister for gender, children and social protection (and national women’s organizer of the NPP, incidentally), to meet with him at the Flagstaff House.

Apparently, the NPP's leadership isn't very happy about the very public spat between the two that occurred at Tamale, the northern regional capital, a few days ago.

Without a shadow of doubt, Hon. Otiko Djaba wouldn't get half the bad press she is subjected to regularly, if she were a male politician. Definitely not.

Ms. Djaba is a thoroughly modern African woman, who unfortunately is  resented by many in a society full of misogynists and philanderers-in-high-places.

She refuses to conform in a hypocritical society full of moral cowards  in which many individuals fear to be different - yet yearn to be true to themselves: and live the lives they secretly want to live. Bravo to her.

Many of Ghana's misogynists  obviously feel that women are there to be used and abused by men with impunity - and  that above all women should know their place in society: at the bottom of the heap even if they happen to be important government ministers. Amazing.

The question is: Who has ever heard of a leading male politician in this countrty being accused of neglecting either his mother or wife - and that accusation becoming a widely discussed issue in the media?

Yet, there are many male politicians in this country who mistreat their wives on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I am yet to hear of such abuse being discussed to the same extent in the Ghanaian media that  Otiko Diana's family life has been.

This blog admires Hon. Otiko Djaba for her refusal to live a lie - by choosing to  be true to herself and live the life she wants to lead as an independent adult and productive member of society: not the life others want her to live.

Bully for her that she is defiant in that respect. In the global war of the sexes this blog is firmly in the camp of the female of the species - so we are for Otiko Afisa Djaba 100 percent. Full stop.

In our humble view, the latest attempt to humiliate  Hon. Otiko Djaba by Bugri Naabu is despicable. Why is he making an issue of her refusal to give up her maiden name, for example?

What is so "controversial" about that - if that is what Hon. Otiko Djaba wants? And why should she give up her whole life simply because her husband who is a grown-up man and a medical doctor on top  is apparently unwell?

Are the services of professional carers for chronically sick wives in similar situations not regularly procured and paid for by many responsible, decent and caring men  in similar situations - without that becoming an issue in the media?

Bugri Naabu is a typical  male Ghanaian politician:  casual with the truth; lacks a moral compass;  is power-hungry; as well as power-drunk. Poor man. What a burden to carry.

Alas, Bugri Naabu will soon get his comeuppance: This blog predicts that the confrontation between Hon. Otiko Djaba and Bugri Naabu at the Flagstaff House will end in tears for the NPP 's northern regional chairperson. He has finally met his match.

He will get the plain-speaking he needs about his duplicity, and a long-overdue dressing down for throwing his weight about, from the no-nonsense President of the Republic of Ghana. Perfect.

One also hopes the president orders him to return all the cash and vehicle given to him by the Mahama brothers - whose kindness and friendship he also abused in the most egregious  of fashions.

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