Friday, 5 May 2017

Will Diane Rwigara Finally Free Beautiful Rwanda From A Brutal Tyrant's Iron Grip?

At long last a bold Rwandan citizen  man enough to openly challenge President Paul Kaghame for the presidency in the coming presidential election in August, has appeared on the scene in Rwanda. Wonders.

Incredibly, that sole 'manly-man' now left remaining inside Kagame's cowed Rwanda, is not afraid to stand up to the president and speaks openly about atrocities committed by the regime in power. That brave 'manly-man' happens to be a woman - a veritable Yaa Asantewaa of Rwanda. Very good  news.

The world's leaders must ensure that the brave  Ms. Diane Rwigara  is neither hounded out of Rwanda, nor made to join the long list of potential replacements for President Kagame who have disappeared without trace inside Rwanda.

Kagame, described by some of his critics as an intolerant  hypocrite masquerading as a democrat, who in reality is a thoroughly evil man who has perfected the art and science of annihilating political opponents - by relentlessly pursuing them to the ends of the world if need be: to have them physically eliminatd by his agents and assigns.

This blog, which is on the side of the female of the species in the 'war of the sexes', fully supports the courageous Diane Rwigara - whose late father was a financier of Kagame's political party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front. As committed pan-Africanists we are keeping our fingers crossed for Diane Rwigara to do an Adama Barrow for  Rwanda.

Sadly, like many of those who fall foul of President Kagame, it is alleged that Diane Rwigara's father Assanipol Rwigara was murdered a couple of years ago.

Naturally, President Kagame has always denied  allegations that he is responsible for the murders and disappearances of his regime's most determined and vociferous of opponents.

This blog has heard a critic of Kagame's insist that he has no doubt whatsoever  that one day a fed-up member of Kagame's inner circle will provide the world with irrefutable evidence of Paul Kagame's many crimes - including the shooting down of the presidential jet carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi that triggered the genocide in Rwanda.

Whatever be the case, in the meantime, the world must protect the brave  Ms. Diane Rwigara, the incredible and pretty-faced  lady who some Rwandans say is the only man with balls left inside their country, today, who is brave and determined enough to help free their beautiful homeland of  Rwanda from the iron grip of a leader they accuse of being a sly, brutal,  unforgiving and hypocritical tyrant, who has gotten away with  murder for far too long.

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